Double Diamond Design Process

We suggest that your projects follow a “Double Diamond” design process of four consecutive stages (based on work by the UK Design Council). These four stages allow you to:

  1. Open up and question what it is your improvement/innovation project should focus on. This is the Discover phase, where you might explore and understand service-users’ needs, for example;
  2. Focus on the important issues to tackle in your project, based on what you’ve discovered. This is the Define phase, where you define problems and begin to interpret them;
  3. Open up again to explore different ways of tackling the problem by designing things. This is the Develop phase, where you design and test potential solutions; and
  4. Focus on producing practical, working solutions and implementing them. This is the Deliver phase, where you concentrate on the final specification and production of the service.
We describe these four stages in more detail in the links above (and this page’s sub-menu), with practical suggestions on which method(s) could be used at each particular stage.