Define Design Stage

TheĀ Define stage represents the second quarter of the Double Diamond design process model (see diagram above). This stage should be understood as a filter where the review, selection and discarding of ideas takes place. This is where findings of the research from the Discover stage are analysed, examined, defined and refined as problems, and ideas for solutions are pitched and prototyped.


Suggested design activities at Define stage

Creating Personas will help you to define different types of users of your service, as well as providing a focus of their needs. They can be used throughout the design process to help to test any new ideas.

The Scenario design activity will help you to explore, communicate and test proposed design concepts.

The Clustering and Voting design activity will help you to identify which ideas haveĀ  potential.

At the end, you should be able to refine your research findings into a specific brief, which will guide you toward the solution.