Develop Design Stage

The Develop stage represents the third quarter of the Double Diamond design process model (see diagram above). It marks a period of development where design-led solutions are developed, iterated and tested. At this stage you have to consider how the brief can be properly addressed, generate ideas and create a working blueprint and finally make prototypes for different areas of the service. When this process is complete, you should be able to test ideas and improve the blueprint.

Suggested design activities at Develop stage

Ranges of activity methods are available to help you with developing, presenting, testing and refining your ideas. Having chosen an idea for a service to create during the Define stage, you should now plan how this service will function. To do this you could use:

The Popcorn Ideas activity to generate ideas, in consultation with potential service users; alternatively you could use one of the idea generation activities (specify here which activities are appropriate) to help you begin to develop solutions.

The Service Blueprint activity method, which will provide guidance on how to plan and map the service’s journey.

The Experience prototyping to test and improve elements of the service blueprint.