Using BSBD Methods

This website includes a database of methods that you can use and adapt within your health and social care design projects (some are widely used, others represent emerging practice). Before looking through the methods we recommend doing some general thinking about your project by writing a project outline, as described in our project management process. This will guide your selection of appropriate methods – i.e. according to the complexity of the project, how many people can take part, how much time you have, what other resources you have available etc.?

How to use the service design methods

Each of the methods are appropriate for different stages in a “Double Diamond” service design process. If you haven’t already, read our page introducing the Double Diamond before you look through the methods to understand how the process works.

Each method is described using the following headings:


Representative photograph or graphic

Why: Presents the method’s aim(s) – why you would use the method

What the method is about

Time: the approximate time that you need to conduct the method

Materials: describes the materials that you will need

How: explains how many people the method can be conducted with (eg. individually, in a small group) and how to conduct the method. Some of the descriptions also include DOs AND DON’Ts.

See also: refers you to other similar methods that you can use

Extra resources: suggests where else you could get additional information.

You can browse methods based on:

The design stage: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver

Core methods for service design;

How simple or complex the method is;

Methods for generating ideas;

The method’s focus on: Service Users, Service, Service Process or Touchpoints,

The method’s main activity: Observe, Talk, Make or Visualise.